The Consolidated Cargo

Let's talk about a type of cargo that is widely used today around the world, consolidated cargo, commonly identified by its acronym in English LTL (Less Than Truck).

This cargo service is commonly used, especially by small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), since it adapts to the space needs that the client requires at the moment without having to wait to have the amount of merchandise required to be able to fill a complete truck, which allows this type of company to be able to maintain a reduced volume of inventory and thus maintain a constant flow of it.

Undoubtedly, one factor that is important to consider is time, since this type of shipment has longer transit times than the FTL (Full Truck Load) mode, due to the fact that the trucks make multiple collections and deliveries.

For example, if an LTL truck is transporting a shipment from Chicago to Laredo, the cargo could be delivered by an LTL truck to a terminal in Memphis, and then by another LTL truck to Dallas, and so on until it reaches the terminal in the that can be shipped for final delivery.

For this modality, there is the cargo consolidator, who simply and simply takes care of all the logistics of transporting the merchandise of the clients, adapting to their needs, he is capable of managing a door-to-door delivery.

Just as we have pointed out that time is an aspect that must be considered since it tends to take longer when choosing this type of service, there are also factors that represent an advantage for the client and that will undoubtedly help them to adapt to their needs. expansion and growth needs.

Some of these beneficial factors for the client are: 

  • Economy: Without a doubt, the space used inside the truck is what is paid for handling the load.
  • Access to new markets: Being able to send the amount required by the recipient is a big step to access new areas.
  • Reduction in inventories and storage: Being able to send products in small quantities without having to wait to fill a certain amount of space
  • Procedures and cargo tracking: The agents are responsible for providing everything required so that the client does not worry about their cargo.

But wait, before running to contact your cargo agent we will make some recommendations so that you can take them into account when requesting LTL services.

First, keep in mind that the cost of the shipment you make will be obtained mainly taking into account volume, distance and weight, so you must prepare the following information when requesting a quote:

  • Approximate weight and volume of your load
  • Merchandise description
  • Names and addresses of who sends and who receives the cargo

Now, we also offer this type of service in maritime transport to and from the whole world with door-to-door deliveries, this service is carried out in full containers.

We also recommend that you take into account the option of insuring your cargo since many of the freight forwarders can help you insure it by offering you different insurance options that suit your needs.

Companies specialized in the logistics sector such as Argo Star Freight They will be able to help you make that important decision and start exporting your products, advising you on the best options that suit your logistics needs.


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